Elementary School

Elementary School

Begun in 1991, the MSAA teaches art skills in theme based classes which focus on one discipline (music, visual art, theatre, movement, design) or collaboratively using multiple arts at a time. For example, we may run a production class taught be a drama teacher and music teacher to create an original musical or team a visual arts instructor with a music teacher to do a class on nature journaling and singing songs inspired by the out of doors or traveling together. Classes are open to children from all districts.

Tuesday and Thursday (some Saturdays)

Stinky Cheese Man and Other Stupid Tales

Elementary grade 6
3:30 – 5:30 District Auditorium
September 14 – November 2

A production performance class. We will twist common well know tales in a fun and silly way! This is a no audition class so everyone will be cast. Music, humor and playful interpretation will make for a zany fun theatre experience!

Register online at http://www.connect14.org/arts-14